In 1998 we introduced a new material, Porcelain Tile, for "inserts" and onsets" to the running surface of stones. In the first 3 years we installed this surface on over 4000 stones, and the results have been fantastic.

For a complete story on this, please see our information sheet "All About Curling Stones".

In the year 2000 we upgraded our stone refurbishing machinery with state-of-the-art, computerized equipment which results in a 25% price reduction.

Tileset, a Trevor stone with Porcelain Tile completely across the bottom of the stone.

Clubs in the U.S. that are using Porcelain Tile: 
Hibbing Curling Club : Hibbing , MN.
Alpine Curling Club : Monroe, WI.
Blackhawk Curling Club, Janesville, WI.
Midland Curling Club, Midland, MI 


Inserts of Blue Hone granite into Trevor granite stones has been produced for over 40 years, providing a running surface that was resistant to pitting. Unfortunately, the white specks or calcium deposits in the Blue Hone granite does tend to dislodge, especially on the running edge and this causes erratic and inconsistent running of the stones. Also, the expansion/contraction of the Blue Hone granite is different than that of other granites and as this picture shows, it causes breakout and fractures. You will also note that the seam of adhesive is very close to the running edge, subjecting the adhesive to abrasion and moist conditions, which causes the adhesive to fall out. With the introduction of DI water to make better and faster ice the very nature of DI water or "hungry water" is drawing  calcium from the stones thus causing pitting. 

The all new "Real Rock" Junior Curling Stones.
The one piece molded resin and sand body weighs 25 lbs. and the brown special finish appears identical to  brown Trevor granite. Unlike granite, the resin/sand striking bands are extremely resistant to chipping.

With handles $465.00 per pair

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