Rink-Master ULTRA

Designed with assistance from five of
the top International Ice Consultants.

The Mechanics

  • Direct drive from motor, no belts to wear out or replace. 
  • Spring loaded detent on hydrostat control, won't allow machine to creep, when in neutral. 
  • Handle height is hydraulically adjustable for up to 2 � inches, with more adjustment at lower end of handle. 
  • Built in filter for the hydraulic fluid. 
  • The blade is hydraulically raised and lowered for transport. 
  • The blade is hydraulically turned for left, straight, or right angle scraping. 
  • Heavier duty transaxle has internal and external bearing support with larger axle ( increased from 1 inch to 1 3/16 inch in diameter ) 
  • Electrical system is protected with a circuit breaker, no fuses to burnout 

The Design

  • Front dolly wheels are permanently attached to the machine, providing stability and balance when the blade is detached. 
  • Permanent dolly wheels also results in no need of a lock down screw at the base of the handle bar. 
  • Heavy duty dolly wheels ( 500 lbs. capacity) are one inch larger in diameter for smoother transport along boardwalks, onto ramps, etc. 
  • Low profile hood affords much better view of ice and scraping. ( 61/2 inches lower) 
  • Maximum width of machine is 31 � inches which allows passage through small doorways without any disassembly. 
  • Extra capacity ( 225 amp ) deep cell batteries for longer running time. 
  • Built in charger designed specifically for this application providing longer battery life. 
  • No calcium in the tires, which could cause rusting of the wheel rims, and severe damage to the ice surface. 
  • Wider stance of handle bars for easier control. 
  • Easy access thumb control switch. 
  • Hidden kill switch, to avoid tampering. 
  • Linkage on handle bar is aligned to speed control so that it does not require re-adjusting after handle has been placed in upward position during storage. 
  • The pivot is located 20" closer to the blade, which results in much less side pull when scraping with the blade angled to the left or right. 
  • Unique wing bolt attachment of blade to hitch, allows removal and replacement of blade in seconds. 

The Blades

  • Blades have universal fit for use on other scrapers. 
  • Available with 30% heavier gauge blade tubing. 
  • No blade weights required. 
  • Blade is shipped in wooden crate for better protection. 
  • The blade guard is mounted, so that it is located closer to the cutting edge of the blade for safety. 

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