The Quest 132D Desiccant Dehumidifier provides more water removal (in certain conditions)  and a wider operating range than refrigerant based dehumidifiers. The Quest 132D is designed to operate vertically or horizontally, and accommodates multiple ducting scenarios. Two standard 115VAC power cords are included and, after correctly directing the wet reactivation air, the Quest 132D can simply be plugged in and turned on. An available low voltage control kit allows the Quest 132D to be controlled  by a remote dehumidistat, timer, or switch.  The Quest 132D can be combined with other high efficiency dehumidifiers to provide extra capacity and better control in situations with high peak moisture loads, or where external ducting is impractical.

The Quest 132D is built on proven desiccant wheel technology which brings in air from the room and passes it through a wheel containing desiccant material.  The moisture from the air is adsorbed into the wheel and the dried air exits the Quest 132D.  The moist wheel then passes into a Drying chamber inside the Quest 132D where hot air removes the moisture and “reactivates” the wheel. The moisture laden waste air exits the Quest132D and is directed either outside of the space if practical, or into a high efficiency dehumidifier where the liquid water can be removed.

Wide operating range for dehumidification
Superior low dew point operation
132 Pints/Day  @ AHAM
24 Amps total power consumption
Factory installed 115VAC power cords (2 required @ 15 Amps each)
Vertical or horizontal operation
Multiple ducting options

Clubs that have the Quest Dry 132 Desiccant Dehumidifier.
Alpine Curling Club
Kettle Morraine Curling Club
Racine Curling Club
Centerville Curling Club
Peachtree Curling Club

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